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It's no secret that businesses only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via mobile devices.Both mobile websites and mobile apps let customers find and access your business from devices they use the most. Having a mobile strategy for your brand is extremely important. It is not enough for your brand to have a strong online presence. That means your consumers need to have a way to interact with your brand on their mobile phone. There are a few ways to do this: mobile responsive design, a completely separate mobile site or creating a native mobile app.

What is a mobile website?

A mobile website is designed specifically for the smaller screens and touch-screen capabilities of smartphones and tablets. It can be accessed using any mobile device's Web browser, like Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. Users simply type in the URL or click on a link to your website, and the website automatically detects the mobile device and redirects the viewer to the mobile version of your website.

When you don’t want to adorn in a mobile responsive site, your standard website looks outdated and is nearly meaningless on mobile devices, a mobile website is just a website that is for mobile browsing. It can be reached through a phone's web browser directly. One mobile site can work on any mobile platform, it is generally quicker and inexpensive to develop.

What is a mobile application?

A mobile app is an application software designed to run on a mobile device, specifically for Smartphone and tablets, distinct from a mobile site, which easily can be found on search engines. An app is easy to adhere the user experience conventions using stored libraries, it is available on app store, it can work offline, and it can be started easily.

Each app provides limited and isolated functionality such as a game, calculator or mobile Web browsing. Although applications may have avoided multitasking because of the limited hardware resources of the early mobile devices, their specificity is now part of their desirability because they allow consumers to hand-pick what their devices are able to do.

Which is best for your brand? Mobile Web or Mobile App

If you want to commence a business, first concern that comes into wit is, you want to create a mobile application for users to download (app) or you want to fabricate a mobile website or both. Mobile websites and apps can look very similar at first glimpse and determining which is most suited to the exigency will depend upon a number of elements, including target spectators, available budget, intentional motive and required attributes. Although, mobile apps and websites are mutually different from each other.

Mobile Applications


1. Mobile apps have cooler user interactions. Mobile apps have the capabilities to have superior graphics and effects, presenting a cooler looking visual to your users.

2. Mobile apps give you unlimited access to the phone's features such as the camera, microphone, GPS capabilities, etc.

3. A lot of apps do not require internet connection and can be used offline.

4. Mobile apps have the ability to run a lot faster than mobile websites.

5. Navigation on mobile websites can be somewhat static, while on apps it can have a more interactive user interface.

6. An app has ease of Sending Notifications.The notifications are of two types: push and in-app notifications. They both are exciting alternatives for communicating with app users in a less intrusive manner.


1. For an app installation, a saperate space is required, whereas mobile devices have limited memory space.

2. Downloading apps allow the illuminators to track and check-up their actions. This would give birth to the loss of personal acquaintance.

3. Mobile apps ask for on-going care regarding fresh content and technological updates.

4. Apps can be costlier – the more features they have, the cost will be more, and can be hard to handle.

Mobile Websites


1. A separate mobile site can contain specially handpicked content and unique pages tailored to this audience.

2. Original website of your portal ends up reorganized into long, scrollable pages, but mobile websites allow you to slim down the design.


1. There are a lot of various devices on the outlet that there isn’t a one-size-fit to all approach, that’s why we can say a mobile site won’t be the right size for all screens.

2. User interaction is not as smooth as of an app.

3. Mobile Websites are technically much slower than mobile apps. Mobile websites use javascript code to perform most of their functions. And the framework that mobile apps use can run almost five times faster than a javascript code.

4. You will always need an internet connection in order to view mobile websites.

5. A mobile website cannot utilize smartphone features.

It can be difficult to determine if an app or a mobile website is best suited for your business needs. Each application has unique qualities that can grant your idea success. In a majority of cases, a mobile website is the best bet for business. However, apps are extremely powerful when used in the proper cases. Apps have a stronger capability to create a better user experience than mobile websites. Apps are altogether a better experience when people are using them frequently.

By this blog, you have a better understanding of how to view the mobile market with your trademark. Ideally, a responsive website assorted with a mobile app will answer all of your needs.

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