Project Description

CheckIn empowers real estate professionals to follow-up with top seller prospects so you never miss a listing. Use data-backed insights to CheckIn by phone, email, doorknocking and more. Every interaction and SmartTargeting marketing piece is auto-tracked so you always know where you stand with top prospects… and when it’s time to CheckIn with them again!

· Identifies top seller prospects in your territory or sphere, using big data analytics
· Provides deep, data-backed insights on each prospect so you can have easy, casual conversations
· Collects and tracks information (like listing intent), turbo-charging your efficiency and productivity
· Gives you a comprehensive view of every engagement — past and present — so you never lose context
· Tracks your CheckIn progress to drive consistency and make sure you’re meeting relationship goals
· Automates your follow-up so you never miss a chance to nurture or CheckIn with your prospects

Top features
· Search any contact in your database to access deep insights on them and their home
· Specialized workflows for different prospecting approaches
· Automated, smart follow-up plan for each prospect based on their listing intent, with auto-alert follow-up reminders
· Comprehensive timeline of all past and upcoming interactions with your prospects
· Instant alerts any time a respondent engages with your marketing
· Progress report on your follow-up activities
· Daily prospecting tips from industry experts so your approach is always fresh

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