Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Stories about successful apps are everywhere. Companies behind these apps quickly rose to success and along with that came the large amount of revenue.But many apps, even the most creative, innovative and well built, don’t experience this type of success. Why?

There are billions of Android and ios apps users, so the competition is fierce. Understanding how to promote and market your app places you ahead of the competition, as you gain the ability to reach users on a much larger scale.

Key Points for Mobile Marketing Strategy

At this point, you've defined your big idea. Perhaps you've even completed the app design and development stage. Therefore, everything is set for launch, right? Almost, but not quite. You'll need to take additional critical steps in order to get an app out there and attract users. Here, we are going to discuss the ways in which a great content strategy can serve as an amplifier of paid marketing efforts.

1. Start promoting your app long before its launch date.

You should start thinking for the marketing strategy the moment you begin working on your app.Marketing is the process of making your product’s voice heard. It’s about generating interest in order to turn heads. It’s about getting people hyped and excited about your product even before it launches.

2. Involve potential app users for testing and feedback.

Look out for the potential customers as early during the development process as possible. They will help you with testing and provide their quality feedback which will eventually help your create a bug free app. These should be real app users.

3. Use email marketing.

With the prominence of social media, email is often overlooked. It’s critical though to capture email addresses and build your email list. Whether through Twitter cards, landing pages, or comparable tools, you need to capture addresses and grow your list.Email marketing is powerful, but possibly more importantly it appeals to a broader audience. Your email audience will likely reflect the majority of users, not the tech-savvy, early adopters.

4. Start blogging about the app.

It’s never too late to start blogging. Consider starting a blog dedicated to updating your growing fan base on the progression of the app’s development. Ask for input on key features and let them stake a claim in the creation of your app. Whether it’s WordPress, Tumblr, or even Squarespace, there are plenty of very easy options to use. Blogging is important in not only building interest around your app but solidifying it as an integral voice for your communications. It also provides more search visibility. Target keywords, craft quality content, and link out to other industry influencers to improve your blog’s search engine rankings.

5. Create an attractive promo video

With video, you can show what your app is about and what’s unique about it in a very short time. You can, in less than a minute, get potential customers excited about your application.On your app page, potential customers can take a look at your beautifully designed screenshots and carefully crafted app description. That gives them an idea of what your app does. But when you get to show them your app in video, in its best light, you can communicate much more. You get more qualified downloads with this strategy. They saw your app in action before downloading it, so they know what they’re getting into. They understand its concept and have a basic understanding of how it works even before tapping a single button.


Though this pre-launch marketing list is not exhaustive, many of these items are still ignored or overlooked. Focusing on these kinds of items won’t guarantee your app’s success, but they will give you a better chance of becoming the next big thing in the app stores.

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